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Company profile

      Guangzhou JiashangJia Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is located at Tianhe district,Guangzhou city,With more than 5,000 ㎡ of independent R&D center and a strong R&D team,engineer team including Appearance design, mold design, circuit hardware design, micro-controller software design, ARM embedded software design, driver design, etc. Controlling products core technology and familiar with the development of industry technology. Strictly follow the ISO9001 : 2015 quality management standards in production environment, controls the production process of products, and improves the production craft and products quality.In order to test the environment, EMC ,reliability and Comprehensive detection of the R&D center,the laboratory equipped with advanced testing and researching equipment,including Classical discharge generator, pulse group generator, lightning surge generator, high and low temperature test box, salt spray test equipment, vehicle vibration test platform, aging room and other production facilities and equipment.